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Hot Tub Hire FAQs

Our hot tubs are simple to set up and maintain, but here are some answers to the most common questions;

Is delivery and collection included in the price of hire?

Delivery and collection are included FOC in our all of our hires within 30 miles of SO32. Beyond 30 miles we charge a £1 per mile surplus

How long does the hot tub take to set up?

Setting up our Hot Tub only takes around 30 minutes. However it takes time to hour to fill the Hot Tub with water and you will need to leave the heat pump on for at least 18 – 24 hours so that the Hot Tub is heated to the required temperature to make your hot tub enjoyable (warm).

What are the set up requirements for Hot Tub hire?

We would suggest that you decide where you want the Hot Tub to be positioned in advance. As the Hot Tub requires both power and water, you need to make sure the Hot Tub has access to a hose and an extension cable or external power socket. Although our Hot Tubs are flexible once deflated, we also ask that you make sure we have full access to where the Hot Tub needs to go, please make us aware if we need to come through your house.


Can i ask for a specific delivery time?

We will ensure you are fully aware of when we will deliver your hot tub. We will contact you whilst en route to let you know we will be with you shortly.


Can i drink / smoke in the Hot Tub

We advise as a precaution not to take any glass into the hot tub as glass smashing can damage the hot tub and cause injury to the users (think floating glass in water) We would also ask that no alcohol is drunk before entering the hot tub. We also advise not to smoke for the same reasons.

You can drink with plastic cups/plastic glasses.


Do you use any chemicals when setting up the Hot Tub?

Yes! It is really important that a small amount of chlorine is used to prevent bacteria building up in the Hot Tub. If any users are allergic to these chemicals it should be made clear to them that chlorine has been added. The hot tub also includes a filter to keep the water clean and clear, we ensure that you receive a new filter for the duration of your hire. We will also leave these chemicals with you to ensure daily cleanliness of the hot tub for the duration of your hire.

Can the hot tubs be setup on Grass?

Yes! Our hot tub range are portable so that they can be installed on all surfaces that are level. Although, we need a flat, clean surface with no sharp or bulbous  elements that would puncture the lining of the hot tub, things like shingle, loose bark, sharp patio edges or splintered decking etc. When installing on grass please be aware that it make take the grass some time after your hire ends to grow back as it will be subject to the crushing weight of the hot tub. We also utilise a heat mat under the hot tub, this keeps the heat in your hot tub and provides some protection to both the tub and the ground underneath.